About us

GEFCO Russia provides supply chain management services and develops integrated logistics solutions for large industrial holdings and medium-sized businesses.

GEFCO Russia was established in 2003. GEFCO Russia became one of the leaders of the Russian automotive logistics market, got the Customer Broker License, extended its range of services from transporting finished vehicles and spare parts to arranging complex supply chains for the largest industrial manufacturers in Russia, and diversified its client portfolio with clients from key sectors.

Initially GEFCO Russia specialized in finished vehicles and spare parts delivery, and quickly gained a leading position on the Russian market of automotive logistics. During 20 years in Russia, the company opened several offices across all the country from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. GEFCO Russia cooperates with the leading industrial companies, car manufacturers, spare parts suppliers globally. The company focuses on the largest Russian industries operating in steel, machinery, energy, oil and gas and other sectors.

Key priorities for GEFCO Russia are integration and optimization of supply chains, provision of high quality services, fast adaptation to the clients’ needs and investments to the human resources development. Innovative ideas start from people, and GEFCO Russia is interested in long-term professional and career development of its staff and further growth on the Russian market.



mln vehicles transported

285 000

customs declarations processed

> 400



rail car transporters

You give us your decision and we push back all boundaries. We care for the trust gained with the leaders of Global and Russian industries by ensuring sustainable supply chain.

Valeriya Seledkova

General Director, GEFCO Russia