Heavy Equipment logistics

Efficient end-to-end logistics solutions

Whatever your transport project: wagon, bus, agricultural, mining , construction equipment, or even boat, we design and manage reliable, safe and competitive door-to-door solutions that meet your customer expectations on a global scale.

With our integrated logistics solution, we cover every aspect of your supply chain: delivery of component stock to your plants, distribution of finished products to your customers/partners, spare parts deliveries  or oversized cargo logistics.

Inbound logistics

Optimise, secure and simplify your factory supplies 

We provide you with turnkey and industrial logistics solutions that meet your needs and productivity goals:

  • Management of component transport from your national and international supplier’s sites
  • Stock management, repackaging, picking, delayed differentiation operations, sequenced deliveries, line feeding  
  • Reusable packaging solutions
  • Optimisation and management of customs operations 
  • Consolidation and warehousing solutions

Outbound logistics

Optimise and simplify the distribution of your equipment  

Our dedicated teams support you in building lasting solutions to overcome your daily challenges:

  • Multimodal freight forwarding (ocean, barge, road, rail, air) 
  • Equipment delivery from your factory to your customers 
  • Optimisation and management of customs and tax operations 


Accelerate and optimise your spare parts logistics 

Our expert teams partner with you, to invent and efficiently implement smart logistics solutions that meet your challenges day after day: flow acceleration and customer experience improvement.

  • Supply of your primary and secondary distribution centres
  • Optimisation and management of your customs operations
  • Stock management, order preparation and shipping 
  • Direct deliveries to wholesalers or onsite delivery (construction sites, mines, farms, ...)
  • Urgent delivery 

Industrial Projects

Supporting the success of your projects globally without limits

Because each of your projects is unique, our engineering team designs together with you and drives the success of your industrial project from end-to-end.

  • Turnkey solutions for your out of gauge, oversized or heavy lift cargo around the world
  • Customised management of your industrial project by a single point of contact connecting directly with our local experts
  • Feasibility study and risk assessment: our experts analyse, design and implement solutions, taking into account necessary regulations, product specifications, customs constraints or any other issues specific to your project.
  • Freight forwarding and logistics capabilities available on request
  • Multimodal transport (barge, ocean freight, road transport, rail, air freight) with no weight or size limitations
  • Optimisation and management of customs operations
  • Monitoring of your operations in real time, respecting the safety rules in the field