High-Tech & Home Equipment logistics

Solutions that guarantee the performance, security and agility of your supply chain

Sensitive and high value products, short life cycles and high seasonality ... the requirements of the High-Tech sector are very specific.

Do you need to opt for dynamic logistics and engineering adapted to the transformations of your industry? As an expert in supply chain for the High-Tech and Home equipment sector, we offer you optimised and integrated solutions for your inbound and outbound logistics.

Inbound logistics

Optimise, secure, simplify and accelerate your inbound logistics

Your industry is under continuous transformation and requires you to rely on agile partners. 
Our integrated solutions are tailored to meet the challenges of the high-tech sector .

  • Component supply: optimisation, consolidation, security of supplier flows
  • VMI (at our sites or in-situ logistics): component storage, order management, stock replenishment, sub-assembly
  • Reusable packaging management
  • Optimisation and management of your customs operations
  • Just In Time delivery at production lines: sequenced flows, collection of empty packaging
  • Freight forwarding solutions (air, ocean, rail)

Outbound logistics

Secure and accelerate distribution to your central warehouse: e-commerce, mass and specialist retailers 

Our experts answer to all your requirements:

  • Secure transport (qualified drivers, GPS tracking ...)
  • Secure storage centers
  • Order preparation: packaging, labeling, kits, co-packing
  • Optimisation and management of your customs operations
  • Urgent deliveries, standard deliveries, or by appointment

Accelerate the final distribution of your products

Our teams support you to ensure a unique customer experience.

  • Delivery to city centres and shopping centres, on a fixed day
  • Urgent delivery to your consignee
  • Secure delivery 
  • Logistics support during peak seasons
  • Optimisation and management of your customs operations