Agriculture Machinery Logistics

Efficient & Agile end-to-end logistics solutions

As a player in the agriculture machinery industry, do you consider the supply chain as strategic?

Are you looking for agile logistics solutions able to adapt to the high seasonality of your market? Is end-to-end visibility into your supply chain absolutely required?  Based on our expertise in the agriculture machinery industry, we have developed specific logistics solutions at a global scale covering every aspect of your supply chain: collection of components to your plants, distribution of your agricultural machinery and spare parts.

Supply chain solutions tailored to the agricultural machinery industry

Your supply chain for agricultural machinery is expanding globally. It is becoming increasingly complex, which is driven by seasonality, weather conditions, the rapid evolution of technology and greater expectations & demand from customers. We deliver competitive tailor-made solutions, fully adapted to the logistics of your products to streamline your production and to optimise the distribution of your equipment and spare parts. 

Inbound logistics

Supporting your lean manufacturing strategy 

We engineer and operate competitive logistics solutions designed to provide just in time supply to your plant and warehouse and to accelerate your time to market :

  • Management of component collection from your domestic and international supplier’s sites
  • Transportation solutions: air freight, ocean freight, international road transportation, rail freight
  • Warehousing services for freight consolidation and deconsolidation
  • Stock management close to the assembly line, sequenced deliveries, line feeding 
  • Industrial capacity for assembling subsets

Outbound logistics

Optimising your lead time for high value and oversized machinery to supply your distribution network

Our dedicated teams support your company in building lasting solutions covering storage, transport and final distribution to elevate your customers experience :

  • Pre & post-delivery inspection
  • Post-Production Operation (PPO): preparation and customisation
  • Compound management: bonded storage and quality control
  • Multimodal transportation management: road, ocean, barge, rail
  • Turnkey solutions for your oversized and heavy lift cargo around the world
  • Optimisation and management of your customs operations
  • Machinery delivery to your dealers and final customers

Optimising your spare part distribution schemes to maximise your customer experience

Our expert teams’ partner with you to devise smart logistics solutions ensuring optimal availability levels of your spare parts whilst optimising your stock levels. 

  • Warehousing and stock management, order preparation and shipping
  • Value added services (picking, kitting, subsets...)
  • Optimisation and management of your customs operations
  • Spare part distribution to wholesalers or direct delivery to technician or farmer : urgent deliveries and reverse logistics management

Events Logistics

Relying on an experienced event logistics partner

We manage the end-to-end global logistics of your event (trade shows, special operations for dealers or journalist, certification) according to your specific requirements (scheduling, confidentiality)… We foresee any planning constraints and ensure the integrity of your brand image. 

Synchronisation of your flows through a control tower

Ensuring end-to-end visibility of your flows and supply chain data reliability

Your supply chain is becoming more complex, with increasing traceability constraints and fragmented flows. You want to enhance your visibility to better the synchronisation of your flows? To support your challenges, we provide you with control tower to manage your flows and ensure full visibility and data reliability.