Aviation & Aerospace Logistics

Solutions to guarantee the performance of your supply chain

As a player of the aerospace industry, are you looking for the most adapted solution to guarantee your supply chain agility?

Do you need support for a complex industrial project? As an expert in industrial supply chains, we support you in: 

  • Aviation industry: equipment, sub-assembly and software, aircraft manufacturers aero-structures, engines, avionics …
  • Aerospace logistics: satellites, launchers, industrial systems
  • Heavy industry: turbines, equipment.

Tailored solutions

Meeting all your strategic needs

GEFCO Russia's experts promptly respond to requests of any urgency: standard, transportation of ordinary, oversized and dangerous goods. 

  • International and local multimodal solutions
  • The optimal package of customs clearance services
  • Control tower

Inbound Logistics

Guaranteeing the reliability of your supplies even by air cargo

Whatever your plants location, we help you benefit from the optimised transport and logistics solutions.

  • Plant supply (raw materials, components, sub-assembly, systems)
  • Warehousing: 
    • Onsite warehouse management 
    • Advanced stock management close to your plants 
  • Management of sub-asssembly and conditioning
  • Lineside deliveries

Aftermarket Logistics

Supporting you in all situations, even the most extreme and guaranteeing the maintenance of your products.

We always go the extra mile to insure to answer your most demanding challenges:

  • Spare parts management
  • Order management 
  • National and international distribution meeting all levels of emergency 
  • Turn Around Time – TAT Management

Industrial projects

Supporting the success of your projects worldwide without limits

Because each of your projects is unique, our engineering teams design and monitor the most adapted solution for you ensuring the success of your project. 

  • Turnkey solutions for your out of gauge, oversized or heavy lift cargo around the world 
  • Customised management of your industrial projects by a unique contact liaising with our local experts 
  • Feasibility study: our experts analyse, design and implement solutions considering regulations, product specifications, customs issues or any other issues specific to your project. 
  • Freight forwarding and logistics capabilities available on request 
  • Multimodal transport: barge, ocean freight, air transport, road transport, rail whatever weight, size and type of your shipments
  • Customs management and optimisation
  • Real time operations monitoring considering field specifications