Bodycare logistics

Logistics solutions to match your requirements

As a player in the body care industry, do you require absolute perfection from your supply chain?

Are you looking for global, fast, reliable and environmental friendly solutions? Based on our expertise in the personal care product industry, we have developed supply chain solutions to meet your challenges and fully dedicated to the logistics of your products: perfumes, make up, body care and skin care, hair products...

Just In Time supply of your facilities

Securing and accelerating your inbound supply chain

As a major and global player in the body care industry, you expect agile and competitive solutions in line with international regulations to supply both your plants and distribution centres? We offer you optimised solutions on a large scale. 

  • Raw materials plant supply 
  • Added value storage (bonded or not): quality control, repacking, sequenced preparation, plant delivery 
  • Consolidation and international transport (freight forwarding): air freight, ocean freight, road, rail
    • Bonded warehousing
    • Reconditioning by geographical area
    • Kitting and multilingual packaging 
    • Container shipping preparation 
    • Palletised air freight 
  • Environmentally friendly transport by rail
  • Optimisation and management of your customs operations 
  • Management of your inter-plants and inter-distribution centre flows 

Management of volume variations and new products launches

Supporting your sales and innovation 

The beauty care activity sector is an ever changing industry: promotions, strong seasonality, product innovation….To meet these challenges, agility is key. As an experienced partner in the beauty and personal care sector, we have developed specific solutions to meet both the requirements of your products and those of your distribution channels.

  • Collection of your promotional boxes directly from your suppliers to be delivered directly to your distribution channels 
  • Exceptional and secure means set up for your special operations especially during holidays

Flow management 

Ensuring full visibility of your flows to control and optimise your supply chain

You are global, your supply chain is more and more complex and extended and your constraints in terms of traceability tend to increase and become similar to those of pharmacies.

To support your challenges, we offer you a control tower to manage and ensure full visibility of your international flows.

Managing your reverse logistics flows

Speed up and secure your reverse flows

Returns need specific processes. To answer your requirements, we set up efficient solutions:

  • Return management
  • Control, sort, and return operations according to your processes

Event logistics

Events are strategic for your brand. With our experience and expertise, we manage from end to end all the logistics of your event locally and globally.