Industrial manufacturers logistics

An integrated offer to match all your industrial logistics needs

As a major player in metal-working, chemical and industrial equipment industries, you require from your logistics provider competitive door-to-door solutions that take into account the specificities of your products

Based on our industrial expertise, we manage your overall supply chain from plant supply to the distribution to your sites and the management of your industrial projects (machines, building materials, electric transformers…)

Inbound Logistics

Optimise and simplify your plant supply

In a context where you have to manage multiple suppliers and where industrial processes are demanding, we guarantee the flexibility and reliability of your logistics. 

  • Conventional rail transport 
  • Multimodal transport 
  • Warehousing services, consolidation and milk runs
  • Reusable packaging management 
  • Storage, post-production operations 
  • Sequenced and scheduled deliveries to the assembly line 
  • Optimisation and management of your customs operations 

Outbound Logistics

Secure your distribution

Your customers are demanding in terms of security and leadtimes. We support you in the implementation of optimised distribution solutions in line with regulations whatever your products.

  • Optimised multimodal distribution 
  • Transport towards distribution platforms 
  • Storage 
  • Onsite logistics 
  • Optimisation and management of your customs operations
  • Delivery of your finished products 


Industrial projects

Supporting the success of your projects worldwide without limits

Because each of your projects is unique, our engineering teams design and monitor with you the most adapted solution ensuring the success of your project. 

  • Customised management of your industrial project through a dedicated contact who liaises with our local experts 
  • Feasibility study: our experts analyse, design and implement solutions taking into account regulations, product specificities, customs issues or any other issue specific to your project. 
  • On demand worldwide transport capacity 
  • Multimodal transport (barge, ocean freight, air freight, road transport, rail) whatever the weight, the size and the type of shipments
  • Optimisation and management of customs operations
  • Operations monitoring in real time taking into account any specific security rules