Social responsibility


Operational excellence and sustainable development policies provide GEFCO Russia with a consistent high level of customer service in line with:

  • the interests and goals of GEFCO Russia and the expectations of clients;
  • legislative, legal and other requirements.

To do so, GEFCO Russia builds an integrated management system and implements the principles and methods of lean manufacturing.

GEFCO Russia ensures the satisfaction of all stakeholders, especially clients, by listening to them, being attentive to their needs and expectations, and honoring their commitments, such as:

  • timely delivery;
  • cargo safety;
  • reliability of operations and sustainability of their implementation;
  • cost control.

Continuous quality assurance is a combination of excellent performance, commitment and daily implementation of corporate governance practices.

Key aspects of the quality policy:

  • setting goals in accordance with strategic objectives;
  • productivity increase
  • regular updating of standards, their implementation by trained and competent employees
  • measurement of results
  • immediate and ongoing corrective and preventive action through a culture of problem solving
  • delivery without loss and damage, reducing unnecessary actions — since the first time
  • continuous improvement.

Occupational Safety and Health

All actions and decisions must be systematically controlled through risk assessment and management. In order to prevent accidents, incidents, microtraumas and occupational diseases, GEFCO Russia's activities should be based on three principles:

  • exemplarity — to apply and comply with safety rules
  • vigilance — to be alert; identify risks and manage them without compromise
  • efficiency — to demand immediate resolution of any dangerous situation.

These behaviors allow us to demonstrate our commitment to:

  • ensuring safe working conditions
  • reduce risks by identifying them and implementing appropriate action plans
  • continuous improvement through the exchange of knowledge and experience
  • participation and involvement of all employees
  • compliance with regulatory and legislative requirements by establishing appropriate control.

In accordance with the company's policies and the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, the company conducted a special assessment of working conditions:

Environmental protection

GEFCO Russia is committed to reducing the environmental footprint of its activities by adhering to the following principles:

  • determining the extent of the company's impact on the environment
  • setting goals to reduce environmental impact
  • regular monitoring of progress
  • increasing the efficiency of resource use (electricity, water, heat consumption; waste generation)
  • involvement of internal and external stakeholders, especially transportation partners
  • response to the expectations of interested parties, especially clients.

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