Designing and monitoring tailored solutions to increase the competitiveness of your supply chain

Producing at a lower cost, respecting quality of service, adapting to a constantly evolving environment: you must continuously innovate and face new challenges. As a logistics integrator for 20 years, we have 3PL expertise that enables us to operate as a real LLP (Lead Logistics Provider) and design for you added value and dedicated solutions, monitored by a unique contact.

Supply of your production sites

Controlling your supplies and increasing competitiveness of your production chain

The supply of your plants requires flexibility and accuracy. GEFCO Russia has been working on the national market for 20 years.

  • Supply flow study (frequencies, volumes, packaging, components characteristics, distance from suppliers)
  • Implementation and monitoring of multimodal transport solutions
  • Simplified and optimised customs procedures 
  • Rolling stock level monitoring 
  • Defining secure transport plans
  • Management of lineside deliveries

Distribution of your finished products to your warehouses or points of sale

Managing reliable deliveries

Quality, competitiveness, agility of your distribution is key to enhancing your customer experience. Based on our expertise, we monitor and synchronise your flows to secure and accelerate your distribution whilst continuously optimising your costs and reinforcing visibility and collaboration within your supply chain.

  • Flows engineering
  • Design and monitoring of multimodal transport solutions
  • Optimisation and management of your customs operations
  • Delivery to your warehouse or to a GEFCO Russia facility
  • Stock management, order preparation and co-packing
  • Delivery programmes adapted to volume, season and promotional activity
  • Delivery on appointment or on a fixed date
  • Urgent deliveries

Spare parts distribution

Accelerating the availability of spare parts to your clients and optimising the overall logistics costs

We stand by your side to accelerate the distribution of your spare parts whatever their weight, size and type (dangerous goods, sensitive or out of gauge products…). To optimise your costs, we offer dedicated or shared solutions. Our objective is to guarantee the availability of your spare parts at the best cost whatever your distribution channel. 

  • Supply of your central distribution centers
  • Optimisation and management of your customs operations
  • Implementation and management of proximity distribution centers
  • Urgent deliveries
  • Management of your promotional and seasonal operations
  • Management of return flows (error in order, return stock…)


of own and partner facilities

Pools of experts

dedicated to the optimisation and flows monitoring

Control towers

to synchronise your flows